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Holidays in Italy | Traveling Easy

Bit 2011 The Blue Planet brings to the stage that Italians like

Bit, LaInternational ExchangeTourismdepicts the31st editionexposure and leads the fieldbest of international touristItalians like that.

What do Italians like? What are the most popular travel destinations? We could talk element 'blue', the color of the sea and ocean, which symbolically represents the common denominator of the choices of the Italians who preferbeach holiday motto 'Relax, beach & sun”. According to 'National Observatory of Tourism, in the first half of the year, Indeed, Italians continue to appreciate and preferred destinations by the sea(The 30,1% of Italians who choose a destination abroad): clean seas, long coastal, sunny beaches, if possible accompanied by cultural moments, continue to be discriminating elements for the Italians in the choice of half of its moments of escape.

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At the Wellness Hotel in Riccione offers wellness with chips

Have you ever thought? there more welcome gift than, with style and originality, recalls Beauty and Wellness.

Whether for a birthday, or to celebrate a love, or gratitude to a colleague or a superior, or for an unexpected holiday, or the many imponderables existential reasons why you make a gift to someone, the chips of the Belvedere is a guarantee appreciation of authentic and festive.

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For Brambilla:”In 2010 There were more trips in taste and small towns”

in 2010 doubled the rental of Italians looking for new flavors. In fact, according to the National Observatory of Tourism, precisely 2010 was a record year for travel related to interest wine: 3,2 million departures, The 3,8% of total, compared with 1, 8% of 2009. Of these trips well 2,7 millions have had the meta Italian places, instead only 500 thousand foreign. The highest incidence of this product was measured at October and November, when you have reached respectively 6 and 7,% of total Holidays of the month.

At the same time się also recorded a strong performance in so-called occupation rooms “minor cultural centers”, that the cities are usually excluded from traditional grand tour. Until July, including, The accommodations in these destinations have a share in average room occupancy also increased over the 7% compared to 2009.

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On holiday with a famous: Italians prefer Fiorello. although… CS Toprural

The Sicilian showman, the Littizzetto, Raoul Bova and Canalis atop the overall standings.

Different choices of Italian and Italian: both favor the sympathy, even if he tends to beauty.

December 2010. Fiorello is a public figure preferred by the Italians to spend a vacation in a green farm. So said the results "Radiography of the rural tourist 2010 - Italy"Market study by Toprural (http:/ / in collaboration with the independent statistical analysis Polls, on a sample of 1.006 representative interviews.

Here are the famous Sicilian-man show Luciana Littizzetto, humorist and television personality, Raoul Bova, icon of beauty for the female gender and Elisabetta Canalis, and tissue ex-girlfriend of George Clooney.

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Discover 5 Best destinations 2011 with – Copenhagen and Rome leading the way in fourth position

Undecided on where to go on holiday next year? The European Consumers Choice Awards imposed the five best destinations to visit in the old continent 2011 E, leader in online hotel reservations, suggests Where to stay to explore the city and take advantage of best value for money.

On top of the list voted by travelers are Copenhagen, the city more green in Europe, followed by Barcelona E Berlin. In fourth place Rome, the eternal city, holding high the flag of our country, immediately followed by Budapest. …continue l'Articolo »

A wonderful opportunity to greet the new year in the beautiful Ischia: Albergo della Regina Isabella proposes to offer "Eve"

Ischia,Ottobre 2010 – Albergo della Regina Isabella star of the year-end holidays with an interesting proposal dedicated to lovers of relaxation and physical well-being. 

During the festivities dedicated to the New Year 2011, Albergo della Regina Isabella exceptionally reopen by 27 December 2010 to the 9 January 2011: the new "Eve" is ideal for those who wish to spend a refreshing break from urban stress, In the fascinating island diving winter atmosphere of Naples. …continue l'Articolo »

The Commander of Romeo the best hotels in Naples according to the guide restaurants in Italy 2010 Espresso

Praise the restaurant of the hotel Romeo, first in the standings thanks to the courage of choices ambitious.

Naples,Ottobre 2010 – the prestigious guide which ranks restaurants in Italy elected For the 2010 Commander Romeo migIior the hotel restaurant in Naples. A well deserved result for the commitment and sophistication of flavor, Serving suggestions proposed by Young in the Executive chef Andrea Aprea.

Giorgio Maffei food critic Espresso defines the restaurant of the hotel confirmation Romeo, bringing to the fore in his opinion, hi-tech furnishings and impeccable mise en place defined as much as the lemon risotto, rosemary and shrimp menu Commander. The typical simplicity and naturalness Neapolitan character match the tone of acid lemon to a very sweet escape of succeeding in the mouth to hear a nice melody.

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Tirrenia says goodbye to the Genoa Olbia

Tirrenia after fifty years says goodbye to the Genoa-Olbia-Arbatax: the historical connection line to Sardinia.

Serious matter that is reinforced by another aspect is not negligible: a corporate situation that does not leave much hope in the second half a glimpse of the service. Domiziana The ship is in dock for urgent work, but Tirrenia, rather than replacing it with another boat, announced it would stop the Genoa - Arbatax-Olbia from October 1”, explains Paul Piro, Chairman of the Port Authority of Northern Sardinia.

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Launch of the National Tourism Conference

Tourism: sharing strategies for sector development and growth of the country " is the topic 2010 of V National Tourism Conference to be held on 15 E 16 October in Cernobbio. The National Conference for Tourism to meet at the main players in the world of Institutions and businesses Italian tourism sector. The goal of the participants will be to identify strategies and policies of tourismfor the next three years.

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A room Rapallo 1 €!!!

for oppose the policy of five-star hotels rooms that offer the price of those lower class, 3 Rapallo hoteliers have decided to launch a very provocative. Indeed, they are their rooms just 1 € for a single room or two euro per night for a double room. The three structures are: The first sunshine in the village of San Michele di Pagana, Astoriae on the Riviera.

«Contested the regional and municipal public setting on one side proposes a constraint hotel anachronistic in a society of free market», explained in a note, «the other is not involved in the determination of hotel rates». The owners say they are displaced by some luxury hotels with 4 E 5 stars in this period offer rooms at reasonable prices "equal to the categories 1 E 2 stars thus making the management of these activities become uneconomic».

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