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Trajan Hour: aperitif and meetings to Markets of Trajan 2010

We have together the world of music, fashion, movie, creativity, finance and innovation with a museum that was born here and Trajan Hour, a new way to share stories and experiences. Every Thursday, Starting last October 21 every two weeks until June, by 19.30 all 21.30, the suggestion of the night Markets of Trajan exceptionally open its doors to host this unique moment of encounter between apparently distant worlds.

Accompanying the evenings, DJ set by Cristiano Colaizzi and fine wines to zero km. The initiative is promoted by Roma Capitale, Department for Culture and Communication - Superintendent of Cultural Heritage and sees the active cooperation of the major business associations and professional bodies of the Roman: Union
Industrialist and Rome Company, Federlazio, Confcommercio Rome, CNA, Confartigianato, Order of Architects of Rome and its Province, Bic Lazio.

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Until 30 May 2011 the trains on Sunday in Trieste

A pastime that involves adults and children but is also a fine example of transport culture and urban culture, garrison in the territory of a strong tradition of modeling Trieste, a further indication of the level of social civilization of Trieste represented by the expression “The trains on Sunday”, which was inaugurated Sunday 4 October, in via the Giardini di Trieste and which is repeated on the first Sunday of the month from October 2010 May 2011 from 10 alle 12.45 and 15 alleall Free admission.

The event is the result of positive collaboration Ferclub of the Culture Area of the Municipality of Trieste. Within a year there were over 3000 visitors with a growing success among fans and the merely curious of all ages. Visitors can admire all the model trains running Ferclub: "The trains on Sunday" reserved for the maneuvers of younger guests; diorama of the Rhaetian Railway with an additional stop; Marklin the model 60 fully restored; Marklin the plastic wall with further convoys; the large model in N scale (1:160); port a model that proposes rail-sea transshipment.

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E 'was presented this morning, on board MSC Magnifica, the "Tango World in Venice”, the festival of Argentine Tango, third edition, taking place in Venice until 2 June, organized by Forever Tango, under the patronage of the Embassy of Argentina in Italy, the Presidency of the Council of the City of Venice, the Province of Venice and the Veneto Region.

The festival includes the participation of international artists, evening milonga (folk dance from Argentina), workshop, dance lessons for beginners, boat trips and dinners and venetian.

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La Notte Rosa di Foligno

Festival of Roses Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 May

After the huge success of previous editions, this year also confirms the Festival of Roses, the appointment of Museums Mazzucchelli dedicated to the most beloved flower.

In the eighteenth century to the picturesque setting of Ciliverghe Mazzano, in the province of Brescia, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 Maywill take the colored market exhibition dedicated to the rose and its hybrids originating.

To enrich the appointment – sponsored by Musei Mazzucchelli, in collaboration with the City of Mazzano,with Castle QuistiniRovato and with the sponsorship of the FAI, Regione Lombardia, Province and Chamber of Commerce of Brescia – a series of EVENTS with the protagonist Rosa, to enliven rooms, courtyards, gardens of the splendid neo-Palladian.

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Sunday 30 Palio di Legnano in May a celebration of history and folklore

The Palio di Legnano is the set of events reminiscent of the famous Battle that 29 May 1176 saw the victory of the allies in the common Lombard League The army of Frederick, known as Barbarossa. The soul of the Palio is represented by eight Contrade, are nothing but the historical districts in which the city is divided.

One of the most striking is the historical parade where they condense months and months of work. Weapons and accessories show (fruit of a faithful historical reconstruction) are made under the supervision of experts. In the tail parade Carroccio being escorted by soldiers of Death Company.

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From Saturday 29 maggio 2010 a domenica 30 May 2010 and Saturday 5 giugno 2010Sundaya 6 June 2010 Medieval Festival Malmantile, Lastra A Signa

Every year the small hill village of City of Slab becomes totally, making a real journey through time bringing the clock back six hundred years of well-, all'epoca of 1400.

Within Walls, just going back to the XV Century, will be an opportunity to set up a very beautiful scenery, with over one hundred and fifty appearing with the primary purpose of recreate the typical atmosphere of the medieval village. Then down the narrow streets dell'affascinante Castle Malmantile you can also enjoy a very special atmosphere with the opportunity to meet ladies and gentlemen, archers and heralds, warriors and poets.

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She - Castile between art ..., philosophy and science - art and taste "The clothes of the polymer - Sustainability

The clothes of the polymer” is an idea in collaboration with the MAP Plastic Art Museum, inspired by the work in the collection Do not step on dreams Maria Teresa Illuminated,and is based on the theme of contemporary material reuse view to safeguarding and preservation of the.

Creativity and the arts can offer new insights, in particular how ennoble products discharged and production waste, turning and turning them into new forms and new uses, introducing the work to a new life cycle.

We look forward to sharing with some of the most talented Italian and foreign artists, students of the Brera Academy in Milan, the joy of wear and enjoy a cleaner world, more imaginative and modern, thought more in agreement with authentic environmental protection: the world Saveart, the cultural and creative response to the urgent ecological.

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Until 2 Candelo June in Bloom

Candelo in bloom is the event that the strength of the flowery language in the medieval village of Shelter, of excellence for this architecture, both for the lifestyle, with artisans and artists working in the cellars as in ancient medieval shops.

The twelfth edition of wants to create between the rue of a village “Travel in the gardens of the world” and offer visitors the different moods expressed through the art of composing the garden. This will give you the opportunity, through a sensory, imagination to discover places: Historic Gardens Italian, lawns of the magnificent castles of France, l’Hortus conclusus dei chiostri, the colorful Spanish patios, places of Zen meditation, geometry and symbols of the Islamic garden, the majesty and elegance of the English parks, the essence of desert gardens and exuberant luxuriance of tropical gardens. Will recreate the symbols relating to the garden mentioned in the Bible.

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At the Ravenna 28 to the 30 May 2010 the Stock Exchange of Tourism 100 Art Cities of Italy

Ravenna is ready to host for the third consecutive year Stock Exchange of Tourism of 100 Art Cities of Italy, year reached its fourteenth edition. by 28 to the 30 May 2010, the city will offer spaces of the historic center and the prestigious location of some of its most significant monuments to submit more than one hundred sites that will offer art history, art, culture, traditions and local flavors.

THE News of the 14th Stock Exchange, Confesercenti promoted by and created in collaboration with ENIT - National Tourism, Regional Tourism Promotion Agency of Emilia-Romagna, City, Chamber of Commerce and Province of Ravenna, with UniCredit Bank, main sponsor, were presented to the press conference on Wednesday 28 April at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna. guest will be Cristina Muti Mazzavillani, President of the Ravenna Festival, which eventually will cut the ribbon Edition 2010.

The Exhibition Area of SQUARE OF THE PEOPLE for three days will showcase the promotional and commercial centers of the Villages and the Art of Italy. tastings, reworkings of ancient crafts, Crafts, musical performances and folkloric dances ricomporranno the extraordinary mosaic of cultures and local memories which is Italy.

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