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The success of hang gliding and paragliding in the 2010 and the challenges of 2011

Another good year for the world of free flight in hang gliding and paragliding: Italian drivers are confirmed to international summits of the two specialties.

The 2010 closes with the double gold at the European Championships for paragliding, in Austria, where Luca Donini, Molveno (Trento) and the Azzurri win individual and team titles for the second time in a few years. in 2009 the world had returned to Mexico with a silver medal.

Last summer in Umbria the national hang gliding has won the pre-world championships in Spain and those in Europe, after the conquest in 2009 the titles of the world team and individual with the Trentino Alex Ploner.

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He approached the evening which will start Oscar the Operas, the first international recognition for the protagonists of. The 31 August 2010 Arena di Verona there will be a unique event, through a kind of theatrical development will focus on the artists' talent.

An elegant and charming will be assured by spectacular lighting effects, but above all by the presence of 300 people, the orchestra, choirs, dancers and singers involved, as well as special guests of the Italian art world: Massimo Ghini, award-winning film and television actor, besides passionate music lover, will lead us through the world of opera arias and quotes evoking the past, listening to the present and imagining the future through music, singing, dance;Michele Placido, one of the great Italian actors who also directed Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was staged at the Teatro Regio di Torino, intervene in the course of the evening together with Vittorio Testa, creator and host of the television program "Loggione" broadcast weekly on Channel 5.

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Mangialonga Sunday 29 August

The Mangialonga is a non-competitive walk to discover the gourmet food and wine specialties of the area of La Morra on a path surrounded by vineyards with beautiful views.

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Reenactment of the Passion of Saint Alexander Martyr Sunday 29 August

As part of Celebration of the Patron Saint of Bergamo, the Sunday following the events of 26 August, will take place on a spectacular Historic procession in costume, that trace the story of Patron Saint and Martyr, and cross Bergamo, with dramatic reconstructions of the various stages of his passion; a historical re-enactment involving the entire city, which will come from a religious procession that will end the evening in the Cathedral City High.

Una holidays identity of reference, that is rooted in ancient traditions, not unlike other events that constitute the wealth of many common. It is a joint project between the civil authorities and the religious authority of the City, that will involve the whole population, young people who will be called upon to interpret the various figures in costume, the actors that represent the passion, pastry chefs to kick off a Special Cake Sant'Alessandro, produced with the assistance of bakers, the contribution of floral decorations for the place of representation by the Councillor for Environment-Ecology of the Green-Works, involvement by the Directorate of Production Activities, religious communities to give substance to a procession which will end in the Cathedral, for lovers of art and traditions.

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The 28 August 2010 starting at 21.00 by the Office for Tourism and the Pro Loco and Borghi Teano kicks off La Notte Bianca. the event require the production of artists who bring the streets and alleys of Old Town Music shows, Lyric, Dance, theater, Cabaret.

In addition there will be Exhibitions painting art books, popular traditions and photography, there will be Flavors, Try to Vinie for children are planned performances of Mimi, Jugglers, Acrobats, Clown and.

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Paolo Rossi meets guests at the Solidarity Center Don CEIS Guerrino Rota

Spoleto, 27 August The Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto "A. Belli" always engaged in activities relating to issues of social and sponsorship of the territory, continues its activities enactment of events than the opera season with meetings and appointments with the directors involved in the activities of “Sperimentale” and social realities in the area.

After the various initiatives organized by the Institution as a theater with the Committee for Migrants, youth associations, community centers and those of the Elderly, Prison inmates Maiano and disabled children and, its implementation by the inmates of some costumes for “Rigoletto”work entered in the season of Experimental, Quest’anno it is the turn of Paolo Rossi, which will debut as a director of opera "Il Matrimonio Segreto”. Rossi will meet Saturday 28 August at 10.00 at 'Auditorium of the facility "Il Mulino”, guests Mr. Guerrino Solidarietà Centre Route at the Annual Meeting of Families held the last Saturday of each month.

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Open for guided tours at the Palazzo Marino in Milan

Palazzo Marino as a museum:Tuesday 24 August games are also free guided tours for the Milanese and tourists. l’ initiative is promoted by the President of the City Council Manfredi Palmeri, with the Department of Culture, that decided in August, for the first time, keep open City Hall.

Registration is open for free guided tours at the Palazzo Marino, through the Court of Honour, Sala Alessi, the Chamber Board, Marra the Halls, Yellow, City Planning Commissions and usually reserved for institutional activities of the City Council and the Presidency. Every day 50 people can participate in guided tours lasting an hour (starting at 11 and 15), curated by the Centre of Milan Guides”.

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The cheese in the sky with Asiago Asiago (we), by: 28-08-2010 to the 29-08-2010

The Asiago cheese in the sky 
The mountain cheeses in the competition and on display!

Asiago (we), by: 28-09-2010 to the 29-08-2010

The event, Now in its 10th edition, will be held in the splendid Piazza Carli.

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(first Sunday in September)

"The week before" “EXTRACTION OF CAREERS”

(Sunday before the Tournament)

Sunday 29 August 2010 (Free admission) hours 10,30 Meeting set out in the Piazza della Badia; hours 10,40 Parade of soldiers to reach the Palazzo dei Priori along Via Cavour, Piazza S. Francesco, Cesalpino Via and Piazza del Comune. hours 11,00 Delivery of the "rod" by the Mayor of the Master Field; - The pageboy extract the order of the District of careers; - Oath of the Captains Quarters and extraction of the lance to run the carousel; - The Golden Lance is carried in the Cathedral where he remained until the day of the Tournament;

- hours 12,00 From the cathedral districts are returning to their seats.

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Sunday 29 August Giocabosco is open for families

The Giocabosco is a magical forest of Oaks, inhabited by a large family of Gnomes. In the Woods, following the path and accompanied by a history ofGnomiand animals, through activities that stimulate all five senses, children learn the importance of respecting and preserving nature , are encouraged to develop pleasure of discovery and collaboration . The game becomes educational tool and the child is the protagonist of this experience and learn while having fun.

The end of Giocabosco children is to spend a whole day immersed in the world of the forest, exclusive characters, history, activities, in the game. The goal is to keep them entertained, make them feel free to express themselves in harmony with nature, make him love the space and earth products, especially wood that is the only material that makes up games, the houses of the Gnomes, tables, benches, the fountain, fences, entry, the sign.

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