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Cagli of Music, rich program and quality

a Cagli (PU), returns on time this year, Saturday 21 August, Cagli of Music, Cagli magical summer event in which the music will accompany the audience on a wonderful journey through the streets, squares, characteristic angles of the center.

The event created and organized by Pro Loco of Cagli sponsored by City and Mountain Community Catria and Nero, obtained from 1996 always a great success with audiences and critics. …continue l'Articolo »

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In Ferrara Buskers Festival is back

Streamers, games sounds, souls of the road, traces of melodies. The stage magic of the city of Ferrara is preparing to 23rd International Festival of street musician. The curtain opens from 20 to the 29 August 2010, Este transforming the welcoming center in a big theater enchanted, where a myriad of diverse international artists on the road will lead to the most exciting festival of street art in the world, The Ferrara Buskers Festival 2010.

For the fanciful crown this year's event has been chosen as the host nation French, one of the countries most in vogue for creative activity on the street and meeting original musical trends and confluences. between 20 invited groups, 4 come from the rich land trans, recruited and selected for this important occasion by artistic director Stephen Buttons, who traveled from Marseille, Lyon, Avignon and Paris, in search of the most talented musicians and expressive. And there are more than 1.000 Artists, from 5 continents, participating in the event.

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As part of the restoration project of identity and with reference to the large container of events all dedicated summer Carrarese, Municipality of Padova, Turismo Padova Terme Euganee and APS Holding have the Padova Carrarese Card Events. This is a card that provides access to discounted price numerous museum sites, events, exhibitions and shows, united in the name of the ancient Lordship.

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“ARTE&SOLIDARITY "From 22 to the 25 August sculpture and charity come together at the symposium dedicated to the crew of SUEM disappeared a year ago.

Back after a total makeover appointment with the Symposium of wood sculpture, come now in its nineteenth edition. This event is part of the decades historical calendar of summer Ampezzo and that in each edition always collects more feedback from both the public and the critics.

by 22 to the 25 August Corso Italy Cortina d'Ampezzo will be transformed into one, large open-air art studio. Ten artists, internationally renowned, participate in the event, realizing the their works in the public eye, invading the pedestrian precinct of the special scent released from the wood of pine during the process. …continue l'Articolo »

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24/25/26 August in Lecce Festival of the patron Sant'Oronzo

the 24-25-26 August of great anticipation for the feast of the patron saint and his compatriots Sant'Oronzo Lecce San Giusto and San Fortunato.

Lecce celebrating it in His Holy reminds his martyrdom. Legend , fact that free Sant'Oronzo’ the locals from the plague.

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La Vara - Festa di Ferragosto a Messina

To cry Viva Maria the day of ferragosto each year through the streets of historic Messina parade majestic votive wagon. In order to pull this wagon are over 100 devoteesbetween men and women, young and old, pulling ropes attached to two long over each 110 m.

But what are we talking? E’ The Be,is but one of the largest processional equipment across Europe and shows the time Assumption of the Virgin in the sky and reaches a height of 14 meters. Everything is sprinkled with figure colorful angels, cherubim and seraphim that are activated with the gear mechanism in order to animate the cart.

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the 24 Lipari August to the Feast of St. Bartholomew

The Aeolian people are very attached to both religious and folk traditions; throughout the year is marked by recurrent particularly dear to every Aeolian.

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Nights of Light 2010 in Bergamo from 26 August 5 September

New frontiers in 3D,the characters of the show and art, places of the city, firms Bergamo, the intertwining of the different forms of expression, Culture and traditions: in one word, the excellence of Bergamo. Nights of Light 2010, The festival promoted to the twelfth edition of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, will all this. In total, by 26 August 5 September, 23 events achieved in only several 11 days and extending in 20 emblematic places the city's low and high: Sentierone from Piazza Vecchia, Teatro Sociale of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. palaces, streets and parks and lived animated, Also this year, by the general public of Nights of Light.

Many guests, in a varied program that will satisfy young and old. And then theater and music, poetry and magic. With even, on Sunday 29 August, the reenactment of the Passion of Saint Alexander.

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Medieval Festival of VAIRANO Patenora(This) The 7 E 8 August 2010

Madame and Messeri, we give you the glad tidings presenting IX edition of the FESTIVAL MEDIEVAL a Vairano Patenora, CULT summer event which has now become in the Province of Caserta. There will be two days of medieval life in which visitors can immerse themselves in an era full of charm and mystery, everything is ambietato the natural scenery of the Aragonese village of end '400 (XV century). The purpose of the event is to relive the glory and traditions of a time long gone, make known the history and local culture, dishes and local products of our territory. Visitors along the route will enjoy the beauty of the magnificent and magical medieval, listen and enjoy the performances of milites, Knights, jugglers, of medieval music and taste some typical products,keeping in mind a pleasant memory.

For more information: Phone: 3469433954 E-mail:info@prolocovairanopatenora.itWebsite:

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At Villa d'Este evening opening hours until 11 settmbre

Also this year Villa D'Este in Tivoli opened its doors at night, each Friday and Saturday, until 11 September 2010. L’Hours Opening time is from 20.30 to 00.00 (last entry 23.00). There will be aMaximum of 2000 people (including whole, Reduced and free), beyond which no longer allowed entry into the Villa.

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