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“Unite for Children of Tibet”: presented the initiative today on MSC Fantasia | Traveling Easy
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“Unite for Children of Tibet”: presented the initiative today on MSC Fantasia | Traveling Easy

The main players Organized tourism Italian take to the field to help children and orphans of Tibet exiles Association Italy and Tibet House Foundation Nonprofit Institution Tibetan Children Village, the Tibetan Children's Village.

The network of travel agencies Bravo Net HPVacanze, in cooperation with MSC Cruises and Alpitour World, Kuoni and Valtur show initiative "Even for them, a warm winter is no longer a dream”. The presentation took place on board the MSC Fantasia.

Until 31 January, signed for each holiday Alpitour World (Villages Bravo, Francorosso, Viaggidea, Karambol and Flying) Kuoni, MSC Cruises Valtur and booked into a Travel Agent and HP Bravo Net Holidays, a sum that will go will be used to purchase warm clothing and other supplies for children orphaned Tibetan.

Indeed, the objective of campaign is to raise funds Tibet House Foundation to be allocated to the Association and Italy at the Tibetan Children Village to improve the living conditions of thousands of needy children, in particular to ensure their heating during the cold winter almost upon us. Children are at the Tibetan Children's Village in Dharamsala, in India, Non-profit organizations and duly registered as such, whose goal is the care and education of Tibetan children in exile.

The Tibet House Foundation was born in Brescia, Italy and its main purpose is to help the Tibetan people in exile, after the Chinese occupation of Tibet, occurred in 1959, and especially about the 16.000 children who are now living in India in some centers, precisely the Tibetan Children Village, founded by the Dalai Lama.

For this initiative Bravo Net travel agents and HPVacanze develop a communication campaign in stores all over Italy, aimed at raising the end-user. The contributions collected from the sale will be donated to the Association of trips to buy winter clothes, boots and other supplies for the children of Tibetan Children Village in India.

The names of the most important and significant organized tourism have come together to contribute concretely to a humanitarian initiative, aderendo enthusiastically and selflessly.

“We are honored to support initiatives that, as in this case, are aimed at supporting children living in poor conditions”, said Cosimo Bruno, Responsabile Network MSC Crociere. “In this regard, remember that the Society has long been engaged in a community project together with UNICEF for the training of children in need in Brazil”.