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Gardaland Magic Winter | Traveling Easy

Parksmania Awards 2010: A Gardaland the award for best musical show and the best gadget

Parksmania Awards 2010: Gardaland awarded the winners of the "Oscar" of amusement parks
A Gardaland the award for best musical show and the best gadget

Sunday 12 December, in the beautiful Christmas Gardaland Magic Winter, have been assigned Parksmania Awards 2010, the recognition that the 2000 - The first online newspaper in Italian in size and number of visitors about amusement park – issue to the reality that stood out in the various sectors within the Italian and European.

like every year, So, an event dedicated to parks and magic they transmit to “Children of all ages”, an award which is an important indication of public opinion and the response.

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Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium in a special tank with a Nativity and a lot of starfish!

The star, symbol of Christmas, plays a starring role in Ben SEA LIFE Aquarium: set up a special tank with a Nativity and a lot of starfish! Curious to decorate trees for the children visiting the Aquarium.

The magical atmosphere of the Christmas arrives at SEA LIFE Gardaland Aquarium where more than 5.000 fish well 150 different species swim in an enchanting scenery that will broadcast all the charm of Christmas.

During the Christmas period and Until 9 January 2011, Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium also has set up its Crib, rather unusual, inserted in a special tank inside a cave-style coral reef; Nativity swim around the wonderful examples of stars. It is not about comets but beautiful ... "starfish red horns" that give the environment a very decorative!

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A Gardaland leave the selections to try the new roller coaster

Ben starts the selection of 26 lucky daredevils who will prepare the most impressive and extreme roller coasters ever built in Italy!!

next April 1, the inauguration of the new season 2011, 26 lucky daredevils will play on the first train that will run the most impressive and extreme roller coasters ever built in Italy! The train will wind up a path 800 meters for a total surface area of 16 thousand square meters, reach 30 meters high with three "flip upside down", 90 ° bends and a series of exciting and unpredictable "escamotages" technicians to leave you breathless ... literally

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We spend Christmas at Gardaland

L'atmosphere of Magical Christmas GARDALAND is renewed this year by 4 December 9 January 2011 with’tallest Christmas tree in Europe!

Special access to 10 € for those who disguises himself as Santa Claus 4 December.

The fine traditions and are repeated, like every year, back Gardaland Magic Winter, winter event, with its enchanting atmosphere, Magic fills one of the best periods of cold weather. Gardaland Magic Winter will begin to dream big and small over the long weekend by 4 and on the weekend of December 8th 11 e 12, 18 E 19 continued without interruption since then 23 until December 9 January 2011 (except 25 December and 1 January) with opening hours from 10.00 all 18.00.

In addition, for the first day of opening – The 4 December – all visitors who present themselves at Gardaland a full Santa Claus costume will be able to enter the park at the special price of 10 €. To get the free pass must be presented at a checkpoint wearing a full costume from Santa Claus (hat, jacket, pants and a white beard ...) and remain so throughout the day dressed in Gardaland.

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