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From 1 December to 2 February fifteenth edition of the Great crib Salice Salentino

From 1 December to 2 February, XV edition of the Great crib Salice Salentino (Lecce) - Via Giovanni XXIII, 25.

The Great Artist of the Infancy Gospel of Jesus, made, Finally, after 15 years of hard work.

- Nativity of circa130 Area sqm; - 24 beautiful scenery carried out with patience in the Papier Environmental; - Precious figurines (30 cm) performed only for the scenes depicted in Papier-maché (Sacred Art); - Range of hills running in foam and acrylic; - Firmament heavenly constellations represented by the major northern hemisphere;

- Lighting system that mimics the stages day and night.

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The Teatro alla Moda. Costume – Great Stylists

fashion is a central component of contemporary culture and the context of increasingly frequent and reciprocal influences between Fashion and Art, an exciting new exhibition, entitled The Teatro alla Moda. Costume. Great Stylists, will be in the spotlight in Rome, bringing together for the first time the creations of top Italian designers, Our excellence in the world, for the Theater, Opera and Dance.

One hundred costumes, together with sketches, sketches and rare documentary video of its shows, will be set up in the spaces of the Museum of Rome Foundation, Via del Corso, by 5 November 5 December 2010. Under the High Patronage of the Italian President, The exhibition is sponsored by Altaroma, by Fondazione Roma and Brescia Musei Mazzucchelli, is produced and organized with Arthemisia Group, and sees it implemented an unprecedented partnership between the world of art and fashion.

The exhibition has the support of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Ministry of Tourism, the Province of Rome and the National Institute for Foreign Trade; also boasts the award of High Representative of the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, the contribution of Regione Lazio, Department of Culture, Arts & Sports, support of Cultural Policies and Communication in Rome Capital and collaboration of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma and Fondazione Musica per Roma. Main sponsor is Barclays Wealth in support of, together to sponsor American Express, Enel, FPC Partners LLP, Fnac and sponsors technical and Samsung, made possible this extraordinary event in Rome.

The opening night will also be a charity event with the involvement of Sant'Egidio Agenda, a non-profit organization that works to promote and encourage the support of all activities against poverty and support promoted by the Community of Sant'Egidio. In fact, a fraction of the tickets to the exhibition will be donated to.

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The Château Vallaise Arnad opens its doors for four days for the general public

Dall'11 the 14 novembre  Castle Vallaise Arnad, built by the noble family of Vallaise, opens its doors and will thus be discovered and visited by the general public. After long negotiations the Region bought last summer for 1 million 600 thousand euro manor.

The initiative is part of the activities to enhance and promote the historical and artistic heritage Valle d'Aosta carried out by the Culture with the aim of involving the community in the process of protection and valorization of the territory.”The main idea behind this initiative -Explained the Head of Culture Laurent Vie'rin – and’ In fact, to make, right now, share in the population of this acquisition, giving the possibility’ access for all and to live this place, witness of our history.”

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It is open to the public on restoration of”Assumption of the Virgin’ Vasari

From 6 November will be possible to watch live Arezzo the restoration of the blade de ‘The Assumption of the Virgin 'by Giorgio Vasari, signed and dated 1539. L’iniziativa ‘VASARI, 500 years’ is a window on the restoration. The event marks the start of activities for celebration of the birth of that Vasari, In 1511, five hundred years ago.

The restoration will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 alle 13.00 and 15,30 alleall30, and a specific space reserved for schools that can assist on Tuesday and Thursday from 09.00 to 11.00. The visit is guided by the restoration and is allowed reservation only for up to 15 people,durerà 30 minutes and will contribute a minimum amount that will go to fund the cost of restoration work,prepared by Monnalisa Onlus Foundation.

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The Museum of the Alps

The Alpine Museum is a multidisciplinary course, interactive and multimedia Dedicated to the Alps and the Mountain.. A art museum The international scene:: the twenty-nine sales of the tour,, enclosed within the walls of the fort of Bard,, In Valle d'Aosta, Together and New Technologies,, telling a mountain 'lived' and transformed by man. sounds, video and projected to form sets in,, reconstructions and multimedia games that accompany the visitor through a journey of exploration to live with 5 senses.

The Museum of the Alps is part of the recovery and conversion of the entire complex of the Fort of Bard, realized by the Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta.

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The Prehistory of the Week 26 the 31 October 2010

by 26 the 31 October Modena XLV host the Scientific Meeting of the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Early History, an important event to present a updated picture knowledge of the prehistory and early history in Emilia-Romagna.
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Forte di Bard, new cultural center of the Western Alps-Bard, Valle d'Aosta

The monumental complex of Forte di Bard is leading a complex project for the construction of a cultural center Western Alps. From the fortress impenetrable barrier and positioned to defend the valley, Fort Bard becomes gateway to the culture and traditions of the Alps, a museum center at the forefront internationally, mostly to the mountains.

The ambitious plan, restoration and enhancement, strongly supported by the Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta, saw in January 2006 the public opening of the Fort of Bard completely renovated and functionally redirected. The opening coincided with the inauguration of Alpine Museum and space for temporary exhibitions. Currently, the Forte di Bard offers visitors The first part of the many activities of the project, merging into a single structure, spaces and innovative services for the culture of high quality accommodation: an opportunity to promote cultural and artistic heritage of the Val d'Aosta and a modern Infopoint; area for schools that includes an auditorium; Two conference rooms; historic routes and thematic; a cafeteria and a shopping mall. From June 2009 opened to the public, Opera Vittorio, The Alps of Children, playful approach to mountaineering route that offers a virtual climb of Mont Blanc, going to integrate the wealth of information provided by the Museum of the Alps.

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Until 30 May 2011 the trains on Sunday in Trieste

A pastime that involves adults and children but is also a fine example of transport culture and urban culture, garrison in the territory of a strong tradition of modeling Trieste, a further indication of the level of social civilization of Trieste represented by the expression “The trains on Sunday”, which was inaugurated Sunday 4 October, in via the Giardini di Trieste and which is repeated on the first Sunday of the month from October 2010 May 2011 from 10 alle 12.45 and 15 alleall Free admission.

The event is the result of positive collaboration Ferclub of the Culture Area of the Municipality of Trieste. Within a year there were over 3000 visitors with a growing success among fans and the merely curious of all ages. Visitors can admire all the model trains running Ferclub: "The trains on Sunday" reserved for the maneuvers of younger guests; diorama of the Rhaetian Railway with an additional stop; Marklin the model 60 fully restored; Marklin the plastic wall with further convoys; the large model in N scale (1:160); port a model that proposes rail-sea transshipment.

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The streets of the culture with the museum system

Who wants to try to do the archaeologist, anyone wishing to experience the laws of physics or chemistry, who wants to take a step back in time can immerse themselves in the Paleolithic. All this has a name: museale system

When the students hold hands what happens to the culture? A surprising result. Who wants to try to do the archaeologist can now pretend to dig in the halls of Museum Foggia Via Arpi, anyone wishing to experience the laws of physics or chemistry will do so as employees of Via Imperiale. And yet, those who want to make a step back over time can immerse themselves in the Paleolithic, faithfully reconstructed by the use of dioramas. All this has a name: museum system, that is available to schools and teachers who will decide the most suitable path to education will have access to a wide range of opportunities.

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Touring Routes-hiking in Vicenza

The Laboratory of Environmental Education in Vicenza has been active for several years in the province with efforts to sensitize young people and adults environmental issues.
From this year the workshop aims to raise awareness of the particularities of the Vicenza area beyond the county limits, inviting students and teachers to explore its treasures.
The project “Nature, history, adventure” is a collaboration between the various realities that have long engaged in environmental education in the province.
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