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In Rome Show “as a game G. Names, things, city wild animals … “. Until 30 January 2011 | Traveling Easy
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In Rome Show “as a game G. Names, things, city wild animals … “. Until 30 January 2011 | Traveling Easy

Assemble, Critters, Store, Draw ... a rich Abecedario of twenty-six letters for twenty-six measures of author (installations, sculptures and graphics)on recycling and recovery of old art objects: recovery of historical memory in a contemporary, sometimes a bit 'ironic sometimes a bit' challenging.

It shows the game as G. Names, things, City ... wild animals held until 30 January 2011 the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions in cooperation with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture - Central Institute for Demoethnoanthropological, unique and original exhibition that links the themes of art and cultural heritage, environmental protection and education for children and teens.

A multi-story designed by Mook - Charles and Frank Crisafulli Nannetti -, modern explorers in search of material "dumped by the time": found and collected in landfill sites or beaches or in abandoned buildings and places things and found new life - and new meanings - in compositions, amazing creatures; assembled and remodeled, become cut and engraved pieces born from the exuberant creative verve, humorous and sometimes irreverent authors.

The works often called adult toys Mook, are capable of making a private relationship with the viewer, universe full of references to a child and read this in an ironic and unsettling. The functionality of the objects is often pure narrative element and decorative work, a tale that winds through the wood grain, hand-engraved glass, is one of those rare cases where "Are the works to speak".

Art and play: the teaching and laboratory at the Museum. The project is targeted with particular attention to childhood and youth, although the approach is potentially game-planning aimed at a wide audience, of all ages. The idea is to establish the younger age groups with extremely close ties to the museum experience and the appreciation of the work of art is characterized by significant moments from both the educational and emotional.

No coincidence that the exhibition as a recreational trail along the entire museum will be given several teaching and laboratory inviting the public to participate actively and react quickly to the stimuli offered by the artists: art and the game become privileged means to raise awareness and increase knowledge of the heritage preserved in museum, to appreciate it in its specificity.

Throughout the period of the exhibition are organized guided tours and workshops for schools illustrationTHE. The exhibition is coupled with a competition for schools visiting the exhibition: G COME…? Names, things, city wild animals .... Primer SCHOOLS. Involves the construction of a Abecedario with recycled materials. In many books up for grabs for winners of elementary and middle ranked in top three. The selected works will be part of an exhibition to be held at the end of the school year at the Museum.

On weekends, instead, activities are planned animation, illustration workshops and events for children, as well as seminars and workshops for youth and adults illustration.

The overall project is curated by Claudia Sonego, art historian working in the field of art education and appreciation of cultural heritage in general. Has been working closely with artists and illustrators of the most significant of the Italian and international and is involved in publishing for children.
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