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by 6 November in Busselton (VR) The village of Santa Claus | Traveling Easy
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by 6 November in Busselton (VR) The village of Santa Claus | Traveling Easy

Busselton (Fri). Sabato 6 novembre 2010 opening of Christmas Village Flover, the largest indoor Christmas market in Italy. All courses for a Christmas DIY. To kick off the festivities with music,a master conductor of all respect: Santa Claus, accompanied by a "Special Guest" exceptional, Mrs. Claus, will raise the curtain, sabato 6 novembre 2010, on 14NovemberSaturdaya edition of the Christmas Village Flover.

In a magical, welcomed by the sound of Bagpipes and a suggestive show "sound & light”, show the children and their parents all the news of Christmas Village Flover. Un'area covered by more than 7 thousand square meters devoted entirely to Christmas, where you can lose between cribs, Gnomi working to build a beautiful tree, rooms with all the color trend, New for furnish and decorate the house, artisans at work and delicacies to taste and give. And every weekend a real “Christmas Show”, with children's choirs, blues, gospel.

Santa Claus will become a director and his orchestra will play gnomes, while Mrs. Claus will give you a hand by dancing Christmas cookies. As in a real village, the edges of the roads there will be the artisans at work: The pirografo that makes burning wood squares, the engraver of candles, the painter and many other artists who create their works in front of guests.

Every weekend a real “Christmas Show”, with children's choirs, gospel and soul groups, make this magical village even more exciting.

A new feature of 2010 a magical mountain chalet, where, the payment, you can play shooting and hit the light hitting many glasses. For each shot the strangest things happen: the fire will take the floor, the pictures will move .. And for those who will do the best shot so many Christmas decorations signed Flover.

Children will feel at home because everything is designed to measure their, even the taste of puff the recioto! Two chefs, Saturday and Sunday 28 e 28 November 4 e E December 2010, will be available to help them become small pastry chefs and learn how to prepare this traditional sweet. At then end of the day, waiting for, there will always be Santa Claus, ready to receive their letter. 

A little taste of all these innovations will be Saturday 16 e domenica 17 October 2010 at the Autumn Festival with the premiere of Christmas: cribs, lights and Christmas trees to enter already in a festive atmosphere.

Cheap Christmas & Chic with courses Flover - What must not fail in the decorations of Christmas 2010? Flover this year indicates the must haves for the perfect Christmas: The purple in all its forms combined with an platinum, bells, Swiss cows, mushrooms and all that is red and white polka dot. But the ultimate fashion season is DIY: how to make at home all the decorations and landscaping to a cheap Christmas, but no less chic.

So off to the courses. How to make a wonderful Christmas tree dedicated to ecology, the decorations for the table and the house, crowns, bags boxes make unique this holiday season. And yet, techniques such as the resin casts cold to create Original rings or bracelets as gifts at Christmas, The patchwork used to make balls of the tree, The kit fantasy to achieve the preferred character of Christmas or the curious “pasta oplà”, a paste that is shaped and just wait a few minutes, and was prepared without cooking.

Technical Information – The Christmas Village is Flover Busselton (VR), being Pastrengo 16. opening: The Village is open by 3 November 2010 to the 9 January 2011. Unique in the closing days 25 December 2010. HOURS: by 9 all 19.30, lunch break. ticket: only during Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays and holiday eves (including Monday 6, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 December 2010), by 17 November 12 December, will be asked for a ticket cost 1 €. 

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