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STROKE OF THE SAINTS 2010 – 3 edition

Competitive race to 10.5 km and amateur 3 km in the historical center of Rome. Leaving from Piazza San Pietro. Date Event: 1 November 2010

Special opening today at the Coliseum

"For Today – says Secretary Giro - the Ministry of Heritage and Culture has granted the public free admission to the monument, until 17.00. It will be a great opportunity for all and not to visit a Roman archaeological areas most prestigious and widely known. For new areas of the third ring and underground, recently reopened to the public, quota will be set up groups and guided by prior appointment, not exceed the 25 units. The free ticket will cover all areas, excluding the underground and the third ring, for their kind, require a dedicated service and assistance of a guide. I would like to sincerely thank, for the work they are doing at this time, that all supervisors, in consultation with the Civil Defense and the Carabinieri, have greatly boosted the security services ".

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Open two new areas in the Coliseum: the underground and the third level

Yesterday, the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Sandro Bondi, during a press conference entitled Mibac ‘Tribute to the Colosseum’ announced the opening of two new areas in the Coliseum: and the underground part of the third level. Together with the Minister were the Undersecretary Francesco Giro, the Director-General for the Promotion, Mario Resca, the special commissioner for the archaeological sites of Rome and Ostia Antica, Roberto Cecchi, neosovrintendente to the Archaeological Heritage of Rome, Anna Maria Moretti, and the director of the Coliseum, Rossella Rea.

In Two new areas will be visited, through two new holes in the building, in groups 25 people and will be led by archaeologists’ reservations required. From Port Libitinaria, facing away Labicana, you will have access to a large portion of underground, below the floor of the arena was rebuilt in 2000, for the first time open to the public, and the level III, closed from the 70s of the twentieth century. From this, set to 33 meters from the plaza level, you can enjoy a splendid view of the archaeological and Central and, in general, Rome: from Monte Mario Eur. In underground, flowed where gladiators and animals were held and the final preparations before the shows, are preserved in the condition they were in at the end of the fifth century AD, when they were buried, and thus have not undergone any further use due to tampering, As with the high proportion of the Amphitheatre. An accurate restoration work and a wise use of lights return the atmosphere, a bit 'dark, but of great beauty and emotional impact, places where for centuries passed through thousands of men and animals before facing death.

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The launch of coins in the Trevi Fountain trying to enter the Guinness Book of World Records

The 16 you are all invited to the October Fontana di Trevi of Rome, to participate in an attempt to enter the book Guinness World Records, along with the phone company Vodafone.

In fact, Vodafone has launched an event on Facebook, who wants to involve as many people as possible, which will meet in front of the famous monumento Town 'Eternal, simultaneously to launch the largest number of coins from one cent coins, remember the new tariff 1Cent launched by the operator.

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For the Minister of Tourism Michela Vittoria Brambilla the barrels must be stopped

All things have a beginning and an end; I think for the barrels, to say the dish ended. I am confident that the mayor of Rome wants to concretely assess the need to make the capital more and more 'animal friendly ". With these words, 'the Minister for Tourism Michela franceschi83667332106150542_big-7925044Vittoria Brambilla said the scam documented by journalists / tourists from 'Reservoir Dogs' put in place by a cabbie in Rome.

The fact that this activity 'is carried out for many years is not a sufficient reason because it should be retained forever - Brambilla says - especially if not more in line with popular feeling that, years, has experienced a positive evolution. It must be possible to assess how the induced tourism created by the barrels is recovering from the damage that their anachronistic daily maintenance creates the appeal of capital and thus the whole of Italy, that it is identified by foreign tourists“.

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The Vatican Museums, again, the opening-night every Friday in September and October

After the brief summer Vatican Museums again, the opening night for allFridaydiSeptembere diOctober, according to the usual time19.00-23.00. Exceptionally, in these autumn nights, will also be accessible Sale of the S. Pius V, which houses a collection of Medieval and Renaissance pottery found in the papal palaces and the remarkable collection of mosaics Minutes.

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The Night of the Barberini: Rome, Palazzo Barberini Sunday 19 September

Palazzo Barberinifinally returns to show up and to show the treasures of National Gallery of Ancient Art. To mark the occasion,the Superintendence for the Historical Anthropological Heritage and the Museums of Rome,directed by Ross Vodret,has designed and organized for September 19, 2010 from 19.00 to 24.00 Night at the Palazzo Barberini,guided tours,music,lights in two locations, the National Gallery of Ancient Art - Palazzo Barberini Galleria Corsini- Side by side for the occasion by the Ministry of the Botanical Garden and Chigi.

L’accesso  ai place will be freeand subject to availability - from 19 midnightSunday, September 19 - not be required for booking tours and shuttle service will connect with one another Piazza Barberini Trastevere with the budding sites.

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The Vatican Library riapre il 20 September

The next 20 September reopen the Vatican Library,after three years of restoration in the ancient appearance but equipped with the most’ modern computer systems. the Peter is one of the most important, precious and ancient libraries of the world.

To confirm the re-opening isthe Osservatore Romano which published an article in the prefect of the library, Cesare Pasini, which invites scholars to repopulate quickly and many. “We know we are very much expected ', writes Pasini, giving a clear sign of openness to the outside which will be added in November a conference and exhibition“.

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In September, the Coliseum is in flames…

In September Roman Colosseum live a month full of fire: a real fire, but of artistic, that involve one of the most famous monuments in the world. In fact, for the occasion video installationColiseum on Fire“, authored by the Danish Thyra Hilden el'argentino Pio Diaz, give thanks for life game projections lights and a real "fire" that will envelop the Colosseum. Three evening performances will be scheduled for the day 17,18 E 19 September that will continue throughout the night.

For the organizers of the event Colosseum represents the ideal place for a project ‘site specific’ ambiguous on the strength of the fire that binds to the idea of rebirth and renewal, engaging in a more’ broad social and cultural issues linked to the current‘.

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In July kicks off the Rome Fiction Fest 2010 "

From next 5 July begin The fourth edition ofRoma Fiction Fest,an event dedicated to all lovers of the small screen. To mark the occasion will be presented previews of international products and Italian.

Three will be anteprime Italian: The draw, with Beppe Fiorello and Giorgio Faletti, which tells of the first popular vote in Italy, established in the course of the Red Brigades; The girls swing, the history of the Trio Lescano; Sin and shame, with Gabriel Garko, Manuela Arcuri set at the time of fascism and war.

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