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Success of students for 100 Miles of Terre Gonzaga: 80 crews will compete for the fifth Sunday Trophy Ferrante Gonzaga in Guastalla 19 September

Success of students for 100 Miles of Terre Gonzaga. Will 80 crews taking part in the fifth edition of the event, valid for the Towers and Championship Motors.

Great satisfaction from the organizers: Auto Moto Club Historical Campanon of Guastalla, Association Pro-loco – Guastalla, Confcommercio Guastalla, folettiepetrillodesign, Small museum of the bike Bariaschi, Association of Auto Moto d'Epoca Marquis Lothario Rangoni Machiavelli, which recorded the maximum of the participants one day in advance the deadline set.

On the event website, reached at, you can download the list of cars will present themselves on Sunday 19 September Guastalla to win the Trophy V Ferrante Gonzaga.

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XI European Day of Jewish Culture

The event this year involves 28 European countries and 62 Italian cities


Who are the Jews? What are their traditions and their customs? How is a synagogue? In this and many other questions can be answered Sunday 5 September 2010, The 26 Elul 5770 Hebrew calendar, at European Day of Jewish Culture, which this year comes at the eleventh edition.

The festival 'opens doors' of the Jewish world is celebrating twenty-eight countries in the continent and sees the involvement of well sixty-two locations in Italy. from North to South, East-West, Judaism gives Italian life and guided tours, concerts and shows, exhibitions and conferences, Food and wine tours, meetings and discussions, characterized by knowledge of a great culture, even old deeply immersed in modernity.

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