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Festival of Owls Castle Corticelli

The fascinating world of owls and otherowlsA 360 gradi: is the second edition ofFestival of Owls (, which takes place from today until tomorrow Sunday 3 October, hosted by the beautifulCastle Corticelli, in Nibbiano (Piacenza).

E’ una event open to all invites you to discover all the secrets of predators of the night with scientific rigor, but also with a great opening to any popular art form and that allows you to learn with joy and wonder of the magic virtues of these predators so fascinating.

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ORTICOLARIO – SECOND EDITION Cernobbio, Lake Como 1 – 3 October 2010

ORTICOLARIO returns for its second edition From 1 to 3 October 2010, still in the exclusive scenario Villa Erba, Cernobbio, more international, wider and more stimulating in the proposal in his formative years. Nature is a dynamic constantly changing and our space - be it a terrace, a garden, a vegetable garden, a frutteto ... – can and must evolve with the changing of our passions and not just the seasons.

An intimate relationship, between people and nature, that feeds and intensifies in the search for new colors, fragrances, tools and furniture, lived also in the process of their creation and, combining functionality and design, generate excitement and stimulation that only art, in all its forms, is able to convey.

ORTICOLARIO will then three days of excellence of flowers and plants, the present historical, sought after and rare and new proposals made by the best Italian nurserymen ed'oltralpe, carefully selected by the Scientific Committee consists of horticultural and Horticultural Comense di Lombardia.
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2010 Artelibro Festival Art Book The ancient book, rare ed'artista 24 – 26 September 2010, Bologna

Double the inauguration of Artelibro seventh edition of Festival of the Book Art This year the theme will guide The ancient book, rare ed'artista: Thursday 23 September at 18,30 will open the doors of Museo Civico Archeologico, while Friday 24 September at 10,30 will be the turn of Palazzo di Re Enzo e del Podesta.
Four venues: antiquarian booksellers exhibit within Palazzo di Re Enzo e del Podesta; to issues of honor, the artist's books and facsimile of the rooms have been reserved Museo Civico Archeologico; Publishers of art gathered in a large library Piazza Nettuno, in front of Palazzo di Re Enzo and the journals are hosted in the square covered with Sala Borsa.

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From 16 to the 19 September festival in Senigallia “Pane Nostrum”

and’ the case to say that Senigallia (AN) , The greedy of cakes and loaves , find bread for his teeth with the famous festival Pane Nostrum.

In fact, from 16 to the 19 September , Senigallia’ a concentrated bakers at work in the square; in most’ free courses for young and old baking , Taste Workshops.

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10, 11 and 12 September 2010 back to Sardinia “Festadelmare 2010″

  FESTADELMAREis International Festival of Legambiente dedicated to the Sea which takes place every September in Sardinia in the beautiful fishing village of Saint Lucia Siniscola.

Against the backdrop of the picturesque Tower of Saint Lucia a weekend full of events banner ecology, eco, of ‘healthy eating ', renewable energy, the preservation and protection of land and sea, responsible tourism destinations to choose almost inaccessible by conventional tourism in alternate periods.

Program Festadelmare 2010

Friday 10 September

17.30 NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CENTER by Legambiente Sardinia in collaboration with the Department of Environment Sardinia CEA. St. Lucia Siniscola

17-22 Festadelmare Expo: Opening of the exhibition space by local, institutions, companies, Tourist Boards, associations, protected areas – Waterfront

17-22 Environmental Education Expo: Opening of exhibition by the nodes IN.FEA. Provincial and environmental education centers in Sardinia – Waterfront

17- 20 Kids Space – Piazza Venezia

  • Environmental education workshop: Cultures of the Mediterranean compared to the Care Centre for Environmental Education Environment League;
  • Atelier little about the art of the circus by a Chapiteau Parapluie;

18 Opening ceremony – Piazza Venezia

  • Awarding of the municipalities of Sardinia who received 5 and 4 with;
  • Presentation “Net Festambiente”: The network of National Festival of Legambiente;
  • Photo Contest Award Ceremony “Flora and Fauna of the Barony”;

18 Concert touring BANDAKADABRA Marching Band di 12 elements;

18.45 Environmental issues in comparison: “The planning of the coastal landscape: the role of local “

21.00 Opening ‘Itineraries of taste ': space dedicated to food and wine festivals and tastings of typical local products. -Tower Square

21.00 Show of street art and acrobatics PRETTY LIMO’ Gaby Corbo – Square tower

22.00 Tower Square, agreement with: RATAPIGNATA – Reggae Band …l’Article continues »

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4 – 5 September 2010 25 EDITION OF EXHIBITION OF LIVESTOCK AND AGRICULTURE school education services

Tradition, innovazioneeMade in Italy:these are the ingredients of the much traditional appointment with the Exhibition sponsored by Agriculture and dellaZootecnia 'Municipal Administration Lentate sul Seveso -Now in its 25th edition this year-in programSaturday 4 and Sunday, September 5, 2010, area at the public gardens of Italy Avenue (a Camnago), which has drawn a large audience of visitors at sovraccomunale, provincial, regional and not just.

Alle10:30 am to Sunday, September 5, will be the official Blessing of the Festival Market, the presence of the Mayor, Massimo Sasso, the President of the Exhibition, Elena Cazzanigaand Local Authorities.

On the occasion of 25th edition, The opening ceremony will be presided by the President of the Province of Monza and BrianzaDario Alleviedall'Assessore Agriculture of Regione Lombardia, Giulio De Capitani, to underline the importance that the event has taken on Lentatese in landscape and agricultural exhibition of our province and the entire region. They also confirmed their presence, Provincial CouncillorsGiuliana Colombo, Fabrizio SalaandAndrea Monti, Chair of the Department of Public Works, Urbanism ePolitiche agricultural Anci Lombardia, Federica Bernardi, Director of the Infrastructure Sector, Strategic interventions, Public Works and Trasportidella Province of Monza and Brianza, Antonio Infosini, Deputy Director of the Northern Railway Infrastructure DevelopmentMarco Mariani, Presidedell'Istituto the Agrarian Limbiate, prof.Constance Bootsoltre ad alcuniSindaciof neighboring towns.

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Spend a Sunday with us in OASIS Alento

Nestled in the heart of National Park of Cilento, combines a Spectacular nature and untouched, with many fun activities.

A walk on a pedalo, bicycle excursion, a bit’ sport fishing and a picnic sitting on green lawns. Dam dell'Alento, in the heart of the Cilento National Park, combines beautiful scenery with many possibilities for fun.

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Festival of the Mind – seventh edition Sarzana 3-4-5 September 2010

After the success of last year 40 thousand visitors, The Festival of the Mind, directed by Julie CogoliIl first festival in Europe dedicated to creativity and creative processes, sponsored by, now in its seventh edition (Sarzana, 3-4-5 September 2010).

The first festival in Europe dedicated to creativity and creative processes, sponsored by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of La Spezia and City of Sarzana, calls together scientists, writers, artists, musicians, Psychoanalysts, neuroscienziati, philosophy, Historical, actors, Italian and foreign, who initiated the original reflections on the nature and characteristics of one of the most popular of the human capacity.

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Sunday 29 August Giocabosco is open for families

The Giocabosco is a magical forest of Oaks, inhabited by a large family of Gnomes. In the Woods, following the path and accompanied by a history ofGnomiand animals, through activities that stimulate all five senses, children learn the importance of respecting and preserving nature , are encouraged to develop pleasure of discovery and collaboration . The game becomes educational tool and the child is the protagonist of this experience and learn while having fun.

The end of Giocabosco children is to spend a whole day immersed in the world of the forest, exclusive characters, history, activities, in the game. It goal is to keep them entertained, make them feel free to express themselves in harmony with nature, make him love the space and earth products, especially wood that is the only material that makes up games, the houses of the Gnomes, tables, benches, the fountain, fences, entry, the sign.

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Stromboli “burns”: under the volcano arrive Firedancer

A StromboliFrom 21 to the 28 Back in August The Theater Fire, L’International Firedancing Festival: eight days on the island of fire with aeolianperformancedancesmusic, laboratorieproiezioni no stop. A calendar boiling protagonistsartists and Firedancerfrom around the world to pay homage toLand of Godand its divinity, Iddu(as the islanders call their volcano).

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