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ON THE PATHS OF HISTORY Guided Trentino mountains, Monte Baldo to Small Dolomites | Traveling Easy
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ON THE PATHS OF HISTORY Guided Trentino mountains, Monte Baldo to Small Dolomites | Traveling Easy

The mountains near Rovereto are first who meet to get there from the plains. Within a few kilometers alternate history for different landscapes, orography, climate and vegetation:

- the Monte Baldo (600 – 2060 m), a spectacular Flower Park with endemic species and rare varieties, known to botanists throughout Europe since '500

- the Valley Gresta (550-2058), organic vegetable garden of Trentino, with terraced fields with characteristic dry stone walls

- the Vallarsa and valleys of Leno (700-2200 m), mountains of history and silence, cross from the front of the Great War, fought on Pasubio.

- the Lessinia Trentino (1000-1600 m), a plateau with large expanses dotted with sparse pastures, still used for pasture.

In these scenarios spectacular the Company for Tourism and Rovereto Vallagarina proposes an initiative to find a face of the mountain in summer, Seeing through places players in the First World War. L’obiettivo? Walk, observe and understand the events of war with the help of a expert historian and a mountain guide.

The excursions on paths of history born from a collaboration between the Company for Tourism and Rovereto and Vallagarina War Museum Rovereto. The intent is to appreciate the many sites of historical interest in part of Trentino that overlooks the plains and was crossed by the front line between Italy and Austria-Hungary during the First World War. Between trenches and trenches, the first destination is the Monte Naked Thunder, Val di Gresta (3 July). Then it was the turn of Mount Zugna, that the face of war has now become the park of peace (10 July).

The third round is on Lessini Mountains, borderlands (17 July). Following the excursion on Monte Altissimo, stronghold overlooking the lake (24 July). Tracks in the footsteps of an irredentist whose goal is to mount Corno Battisti (31 July). the of road 52 Galleries is a unique opportunity to see what is still considered a masterpiece of military engineering (7 August). The excursion on Mount Vignola and Horn of Fear offers an insight on the fortifications between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (21 August). the crossing Pasubio back to places where you broke the Strafexpedition (28 August). 

During the excursions you can enjoy a week-end in montagna choosing between forms of accommodation ranging from the comfort of 'hotel luxury spa with the peaceful rhythm of life agritururismo. For lovers of fun and adventure plateau Brentonico also offers the opportunity to experience the Family Adventure Park, adventure park in the forests of the wrist.

Who wants to combine a mountain trekking cultural tour, four museums located in Rovereto, visited with the ticket onex4: MART - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art House and Art Futurist Depero, the War Museum, The Peace Bell, the Civic Museum and Palazzo Alberti. Small and unique, also thematic museums in the valley are to be discovered. Like the castles of Vallagarina that preserve the architecture of the medieval ramparts. in estate, then, Rovereto and neighborhoods are transformed into lively open-air stage, with continuous entertainment opportunities: Path of Peace (25-26 June), Rafanass (1-4 July), Rovereto Images (17-18 July), Motorbike meeting the International (17-22 August), the International Festival WA. Mozart (21-29 August), East and West Terre (1-12 September), Educate, the national meeting sul'educazione (24-26 September). Ends with International Review Archaeological Film (4-9 October).

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