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In the heart of the Langhe WiMu opens the Wine Museum | Traveling Easy
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In the heart of the Langhe WiMu opens the Wine Museum | Traveling Easy

Inauguration Sunday 12 September 2010 all 18.00 to the Falletti Castle of Barolo (Sun) the WiMu – Wine Museum (, The innovative wine museum was born from the imagination of François Confino, author of numerous museum exhibitions and appreciated throughout the world including, Turin, the Cinema Museum and the Mole restyling Automobile Museum. Internment accompany the visit to the Museum for journalists Saturday 11 September at 16.

preview, Friday 10 September all 21.30, the concert Simon Cristicchi + GnuQuartet Piazza della Libertà. Admission is free subject to availability. Open to the public from Monday 13 September

Inaugurate WiMu Sunday 12 all 18.00 in the castle courtyard representatives Government and Entities iocali. presents Elisa Isoardi, presenter on RaiUno de The test of the cook and from October of the new series Green Line. Among the guests, Alba Parietti. Following, development in the world premiere of Pierino, Wolf and tour the world's longest, an original jazz reinterpretation + electronics of the famous musical tale by Sergei Prokofiev in the voice of the protagonist entrusted

Franco Branciaroli and live performances from some of the most prestigious musicians of the Italian scene directed by Henry Blatti: Mario Arcari, oboe; Stefano Cabrera, cello; Davide “Boosta” Dileo, piano and electronics; Roberto Izzo, Violin; Major Salvatore, Contrabass; Gabriel Mirabassi, clarinet; Alessio Pisani, bassoon; Francesca Rapetti, flute; Raffaele Rebaudengo, Violet. Entry is by invitation.

the WiMu – Wine Museum could only arise Barolo. that, ordered between hills covered with vineyards, was born over two centuries ago that is recognized as the "king of wines", nineteenth century became official wine of the Court of Savoy and now one of the most prestigious international ambassadors made in Italy. that, what was not there now. The Castle Marquis Falletti in the heart of the town reopened its historic rooms to house a museum that adds an important element to tourism offerings, cultural and food and wine of this land as a destination acclaimed by visitors and connoisseurs around the world.

 Il WiMu - Wine Museum was born in the agreement between Piedmont Region, Cuneo, Barolo E Union of Municipalities' hills of the Langhe and Barolo ", with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino E Compagnia di San Paolo, the contribution of Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo, partnership 'sEnoteca Regionale del Barolo, collaboration Atl Langhe Roero E Consorzio Turistico Langhe Monferrato Roero for the promotion and Foundation for the Book, Music and Culture for communication, artistic director and the organization's inaugural event.

The comments of institutions. «The Wine Museum in Barolo is a really unique -State president of the Piedmont Region, Roberto Cota - whose value is closely connected with the tourism and wine culture that revolves around the whole world of wine. An intense journey, running from Piedmont to tell a story of colors and scents of the earth and of men and women who have dedicated their lives to the vineyards». «The Museum of Barolo is not only an attraction for wine lovers around the world - Added the Minister of Tourism, Region of Piedmont Alberto Cirio Alderman of Culture of the Piedmont Region Michael Coppola - but also a must for those who travel on these beautiful hills, eligible to become a Unesco World Heritage, afondo want to know the product symbol that made them famous in the world». The President of the Province of Cuneo, Gianna Gancia: «Wine production is a fundamental piece of the legacy of the Great. represents, also, important part in the history of the local economy deserves adequate relief. For this the birth of a Wine Museum in the Castle of Barolo is doubly welcome initiative: to the promotion of good architectural quality unites, in fact, the promotion of local knowledge is essential for increasing the usability of our tourist area that is a priority for the Province of Cuneo. The museum will be - I am sure - successful completion offering food and wine area of internationally recognized».

E Walter Mazzocchi, Mayor of Barolo: «The WiMu is the result of a holistic, from participation in the Piedmont Region, Local Government and banking foundations. François Confino gives us an innovative museum and involving, through the emotions, transmit messages on the civilization and territory of the wine making wine. The Wine Museum will be an engine of cultural and promotional, serving all of Langa and Piedmont, and will interact with other castles and structures that seek the same goal ". 

Forget the classic 'wine museum' with tanks, barrels and boards full of old bottles and caps. the WiMu is not a static collection of memorabilia, but an emotional journey between production, culture and tradition of wine, through a series of evocations and suggestions that are based on the role that wine plays an archetype of life for thousands of years in human culture, religions, imagination and creativity of the arts.

the WiMu is designed to offer a playful complement to the experience of tourists in these parts – within a few kilometers – can enjoy an unforgettable experience that goes from the visit to cellars and producers of territory to explore a landscape dotted with medieval castles, a accommodation system ranging from b&b family member resort Five star offer food and wine of the most celebrated in Italy, with its 14 DOC and DOCG wines and a jewel like White Alba truffle.  

The visit of WiMu is a celebration of wine In twenty-five salt placed on five floors. An emotional journey between darkness and light, sound and color, between reality and myth through the colors and sounds of the seasons, time of day and year. The layout - as always Internment - Combines scientific rigor and entertainment pure, Read quotes and ironic, are sometimes unsettling but never trivial. Not a museum where you "see" only, but where is enveloping atmospheres, affected by suggestions of multimedia installations, dioramas, and theaters chapels, machines and buttons that visitors can start and operate in person. It starts from 'floor. A descent between darkness and light, between sound and color, above and below the soil clods of this miraculous. The climate, land, the timing of the seasons, the colors of autumn and the silence of winter, the wisdom of the hand. Wine in history and art, in the kitchen and cinema, in music and literature, universal myths and traditions.

the WiMu is also a tribute to the history of the castle and the famous people who lived. Marquis Carlo Tancredi Falletti and his wife, the marquise Juliette Colbert, better known as Giulia di Barolo. The Patriot Silvio Pellico, one of the great protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento, that here was a librarian and is preserved intact in the room-study. And after the wine and narrated evoked, here is the wine and enjoy live. It falls Temple Enotourism where it triggers the fullness of sensory pleasure. Here we encounter the great wines Barolo and. Here you can enjoy alone or under the guidance of experts. We learn to recognize scents playing, aromas, personality. Discover the link between wine and its territory. And here we continue our journey of exploration to virtual and real discovery of a rich and generous. A window on the landscape, rites, the secrets of the wines of Piedmont punctuated by emotional pictures Clip specially written and produced by Maurizio Bonino.  

The tour concludes in the most satisfying to 'Enoteca Regionale del Barolo, Representative of 11 countries of Barolo, marquis located in the cellars of the castle that held baptism this legendary wine. The sight of the big labels and vintages memorable. Here we can choose our own bottles and take home. Completely new is the website Here you can among other things, take a virtual walk in the halls of the museum, book on line their visit and download barcode application on your smartphone with interactive multimedia content.

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