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Night Light 2010 Bergamo by 26 August 5 September | Traveling Easy
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Night Light 2010 Bergamo by 26 August 5 September | Traveling Easy

New frontiers in 3D,the celebrities and art, places of the city, firms Bergamo, the intertwining of different forms of expression, Culture and traditions: in one word, excellence of Bergamo. Night Light 2010, The festival promoted to the twelfth edition of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, will all this. In total, FROM 26 August 5 September, 23 Events achieved in only several 11 days and extending into 20 emblematic places city's low and high: Sentierone from Piazza Vecchia, Teatro Sociale of the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore. palaces, streets and parks and lived animated, this year, the general public of Nights of Light.

Many guests, in a varied program that will satisfy young and old. And then theater and music, poetry and magic. With even, on Sunday 29 August, the reenactment of the Passion of Saint Alexander.

So herethe story begins in the heart of Bergamo city with a photo exhibition by Pino Capellini and Gianfranco Rota placed on Sentierone. Then there is the light that is a main theme of our land: as literature in Mantua, music in Spoleto and Perugia, philosophy in Modena. In Bergamo Understanding light is spiritual meanings in, Enlightenment dell'operosità those inventions and its inhabitants and businesses and those of art and culture, all its forms and expressions. This Chamber of Commerce had the right intuition continuing over the years through the different philosophies of urban lighting and entertainment.

On the frontChamber of Commerce, in fact, thanks to the ability of Adrian Merigo with the advice of Domenico Egyptians, si racconterà ancora di Bergamo e della sua storia passata e futura grazie ad alcuni filmati e immagini in animazione tridimensionale. In Santa Maria Maggiore le tarsie di Lorenzo Lotto «usciranno» invece dalla Basilica per materializzarsi molto discretamente sulla sua facciata. And yet, there will be immagini stereoscopiche (complete with 3D glasses) to enhance the natural beauty of Park Hills, accompanied by readings and music in the courtyard of the Chamber of Commerce or even to materialize the starry vault in the Basilica of St. Alexander Column in the course of a multidisciplinary theater.

Major, poi, the rievocazione storica della passione di Sant’Alessandro, an event strongly wanted by the Culture and Entertainment of the municipality of Bergamo, in addition to the show interdisciplinary theater, music and light in the Basilica dedicated to him in the heart of 'new' low Bergamo: «Icarus. Constellations in the sky of Saint Alexander ".

The shows offerBergamo mainly famous and not. Gianluigi Trovesi will be engaged in a journey around the music of a composer excelled home, Pietro Antonio Locatelli, long-forgotten land Bergamo, but not in the rest of Europe. Bruno Bozzetto and Roberto Frattini, Bergamo is another excellence in cinema and music, Roby Facchinetti as Bissa, by popular demand, the extraordinary success of a few years ago with the final concert in Piazza Matteotti, with the jewel of Nights of Light: his orchestra directed by Gabriele Comeglio that accompany the voice and soul of Fausto Leali Jazz interpret some sketches drawn from Porgy and Bess by Gershwin.

Are expected inoltre tre spettacoli di magia, concerts of classical choral music, organistica e bandistica e tanti altri piccoli e grandi eventi rivolti ad un pubblico si eterogeneo, but very demanding and responsible. A special area will also have the sculpture in the exhibition of Silvano Bulgari, Statues BTU promoted by the Culture, Show, Identity and traditions of the Province of Bergamo, in the courtyard and the beautiful room Viterbi.

Night Lightinfine ha una finalità benefica. The concerts of 1 E 2 September, then an entry fee of 10 euro. The proceeds will be donated to charity at the soup kitchen of the Capuchin Friars of Bergamo. Tickets are on sale, Friday 27 August to Thursday 2 September from 15 at 19, at the Convent of the Capuchin Friars (Via Cappuccini) and CDPM, Via De Amicis, 6 (area Carducci). All other shows are for free entry.