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April events puglia | Traveling Easy

Notte Bianca at the Diocesan Museum of Lucera Saturday 24 April Posted on 22 April, 2010 of : Michela | Comments (0)

the Diocesan Museum of Lucera with the help of the Association is organizing the Third Millennium Notte Bianca on Saturday 24 April. Starting pm 20.00 and until 24.00 you can visit the rooms of the Diocesan Museum, located within the Bishop's Palace located in Piazza Duomo 13 Lucera, accompanied by guides of the Association Third Millennium.

The museum houses the Pinacoteca bishop and most of the Treasury Chapter Archives including, among other works, a diptych (covered Evangeliary) lamina of the fourteenth century silver gilt, counted among the rarest works of ancient goldsmiths of the city of Sulmona and linen shirt with embroidery, the stole and hat of Blessed Augustine Kazotic (sec. XIV).

between the sculptures, certainly have to admire a triptych from a cenotaph dismembered with a central slab of the Madonna of the Stars (sec. XIV). Noteworthy are also collections of paintings, coming mostly from churches and convents suppressed Lucera, including two Our Lady of Grace and Our Lady of Mercy. Impressive collection of relics, vestments, furniture and sacred objects. Deserves a mention the cabinet-chapel containing the altar in gilded wood belonged to the family of Mons. Freda.

the White Night, part in meetings of Twelfth week of culture is an occasion to celebrate tenth anniversary of the founding of the Diocesan Museum. A night to discover and learn to love more of the city Lucera through sacred art.

For more information visit or contact the Diocesan of Lucera (tel. 0881.520882).